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How to use the forum

Post by GuySBot » Sat Mar 25, 2017 7:22 am

I think the most important thing is don't be afraid to join , participate and post . . . anything .
I've only been here a very short time and by being a bit outgoing ( here ) have made a lot of new friends .
Also please don't be discouraged if you don't get any reply at first , forums are just like that and
given time and posting in different areas you will get replies and other users interested in yourself <3
If anyone out there needs help with ANYTHING or wants to talk , yell at me , invite me to chat doesn't
really matter what you want or if your just bored so please feel free to add me or message - whatever you wish .

I'll probably edit this and anyone feel free to post your tips please -
oh yeah I'm ALWAYS editing my posts so if you see a new reply of mine
you may want to give me a few minutes or a day or a week to finish it... then reload .

My first suggestion to use the PPC Pixel Pusher Community forum is to goto this topic


read through the introductions as you have time to get to know some of the users who are here
as many probably have similar interests . Now some users don't like to add people but it wont
hurt to send a message or request and explain common interests . To say were all here to interact
and chat not only about IMVU but within the program itself .

So when I find a new forum like this i'll take a few days,weeks or months howsoever long it takes to read all the topics im interested in..
Then here at Pixel Pusher Community forum up top you will see a button named " Quick links " much alike most other similar forums but
usually will be named something different such as forum updates or whatsoever . In Quick links you'll see , Your posts , New posts , Unread posts ,
Unanswered topics , Active topics , Search , Members and The team . The two you really want there are New Posts and Unread posts as when you visit the forum here it will remember what you have viewed and then know anything new you haven't seen ( Unread posts ) . So most importantly there is to keep an eye on Unread posts as well Unanswered topics ( those posts no one has replied to as of yet which is a good way to if possible you can help out those unread/unanswered topics ) .

Now a lot of times you may want to add a picture and there are plenty of image hosts so use the one you like best .
Most of them are self explanatory but the one I use is which is in Russian and you can't copy the text as they are buttons .
Below I've translated them that way if anyone wants to use radikal as an image host it will be easier to understand .


Anyways simply click on - Select file then Upload to server and your done besides on page 2 to copy the link .

I will come back and edit in how to use the buttons above if anyone needs help with that but they are pretty self explanatory ,
just scroll over them with your mouse pointer and it will pop up what they do . For instance the 8th button or 3rd from the right
is a lil picture of a picture . That will give image code looking like this - [ I m g ] [ / I m g ] so between those middle brackets
[ I m g ] ADD PICTURE URL LINK HERE [ / I m g ] add your picture link and that will place the pic here for ya .
Now one thing to note there is images are limited here ( grrr ) to 512 . At most hosts will have an option to resize the pic so that
will make it easy enough to do without having to resize it yourself .

The only other thing I can think of right now is when you add code such as your banner html you'll have to use the code button -
which is the 5th from the left looks like this < / > , simply place your banner html code in between the [ c o d e ] PLACE CODE HERE [ / c o d e ] .

Have nice day .
Muah X Meow ^,.^~! TTFN

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