Tall/short scalers vs. avatars

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Tall/short scalers vs. avatars

Post by Elaini » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:56 am

I do want to make my avatar taller, but there's something where we should choose the "lesser evil" what comes to them.

Tall/short scalers:

+ Won't squash back to the default size and works with all avatars if made as a separate product.
– Tall avatars may sit hovering above the sitting spots, short avatars may be embedded inside the chair below them.
– When couple posing or dancing, the height may not match to the other, scalerless avatars unless the scaler is removed.
– If made properly as a tall scaler with the limbs and spine being longer, the unwanted skewing effect starts to appear. The greater difference to the default bone aspects, the more skewing.

Tall/short avatars:

+ Default standing and sitting can be adjusted properly by the creator according to the avatar height.
+ No skewing effect ever appears.
± Avatar resets to the default bone proportions as soon as there is any other pose spot than default sitting or standing. This may be beneficial for the couple posing or dancing for the auto match, but for single pose spots it may be unwanted.

Does anyone know about a third option with the best of the both worlds and the skewing effect removed? Such as a way to tell to the client that the bone length attributes should be ignored in the 3rd party animations?

And what's your favorite solution to this?

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Re: Tall/short scalers vs. avatars

Post by DimitriX89 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:45 am

Some pointers about the "skewing" effect: first, tall avatars (animation based) actually display sort of skewing since IMVU *.XAF format doesnt really support scaling information. All the animations can do is to change the relative positions of the joints, so the joint areas of the mesh is getting pulled off center, towards the child bones in the hierarchy. If the animation "scaling" exceeds 120 or something per cent, all joints will be broken badly. Second, scalers only display skewing if they use non-uniform scaling (x:2.5,y:1.0,z:0.5 or similar). If the scaler is uniform along all of the axes, the results will be stable

In theory, animations would not override the avatar height if we would be able to remove bone position information from a file. But so far, I wasnt able to create *.xaf that contains rotation only, even by editing it directly. It refused to work without positional info

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