Tutorial: How to fix tattoo problems

Help and Tips on Re-Texturing existing base products on IMVU
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Tutorial: How to fix tattoo problems

Post by KewlChique » Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:39 pm

*Note this is a response tip I made years ago that I'm transferring from the old IMVU forum
*If it is or becomes inaccurate feel free to delete it

The Question: (from TaintedCameron)
"Okay so this is my first time making any type of product and I need a little help. I thought I was doing okay, but then something weird and bad happened and it's frustrating me so much. Can someone tell me why my tattoo is showing through light shirts? I want the tattoo to be under the straps and the shirt all together; not on top of it. Here is a picture of what is happening. When the shirt is off, it's fine. If I wear a black shirt, it's fine. But if I wear a lighter colored shirt...blah. Any tips on what I'm doing wrong? And if I'm in the wrong place, sorry...Never really posted here before."

My Answer:
Yeah tattoos can be a royal pain in da... >.>
you know to make, but yeah it's not the tat itself.

There are actually multiple reasons why a tattoo won't work
with certain types of clothing...brace yourself for this one.

Most the times it's the mesh you use that doesn't work with your tat,
so testing your tat on different meshes with clothing helps.

The other thing alot of people don't realize is sometimes it's your avatar
and not the mesh that screws it up. Often times this happens with custom
or enhanced aviz. So you may find by switching avatars it may work

The other reasons are accessories, sometimes an item. jewelry or even
the hair itself will keep it from working depending on where the tat is.
Even when the tattoo is in a different area.

In general using any skin tattoos works best, so when somethings goes
wrong first try switching the mesh if that don't work then try switching
your avatar, if it still doesn't work try taking off certain items. If it still
don't work just don't use that mesh or clothing.

Tattoos can be very complicated....
so just keep all of the above in mind when looking for a mesh
to check and make sure it ain't the avi or other reasons.

The only way to currently guarantee 100% a tattoo will not glitch
is to have it already painted on the avatar skin itself as everything
else just sits on top of it.
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