Severity's Tutorials (Taking requests)

Help and Tips on Re-Texturing existing base products on IMVU
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Severity's Tutorials (Taking requests)

Post by Severity » Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:39 am

I you request a tutorial please be aware it might take me a while to make it xD I haven't actually made tutorials in a very long time...
since my forum tutorials were very outdated I will post my also outdated..but not as much youtube tutorials!

They kinda suck but they might help someone!

These tutorials were all done in PS.

(I do not suggest watching these if you are an advanced dev, you will learn nothing :lol: )
IMVU tutorials so basic, so easy a caveman could do it :D

How to make a basic dress in Photoshop

Getting rid of combined tabs in Photoshop (this isn't really an IMVU tut so much as a just helpful one imo_

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