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Texture YouTube Tutorial Directory

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 6:28 am
by ChocolateCookie
-Under construction-
If you want your videos added to this post, reply with your video link or message me.

In this thread I will add an organized list of YouTube tutorials found on the IMVU forums about texturing.

Introduction to IMVU creating by Tsui

How to change a color of a shirt by Wantons
How to add pattern shirt + wrinkles on a shirt by Wantons
How to make a basic shirt step by step by Wantons
How to add fabric texture to shirt by Wantons
IMVU - Heel Wrinkles - Tutorial by VanillaVanilleV
IMVU shirt wrinkles tutorial by Cindyy
Easy Opacity Tutorial by Cindyy
Wrinkle Tutorial Better Method by Cindyy
How to Make an IMVU Top by Naima
CBI Wrinkle Tutorial by Krystlex
Dialo Jeans Full Basic Jean Tutorial by Krystlex
Freelance PVC Dress : Full Length Video by Krystlex
Three Freebie Dress Sit in Video by Krystlex
Starting out and Understanding Opacity Maps by Seme
How to Create a Top on IMVU Pt.1 by Juliansito
Wrinkles For Clothing Using Gimp - IMVU - Developing - Tutorial by ChillShock

IMVU Krita hair tutorial by Karliah
IMVU Gradient hair tutorial by Karliah
IMVU Creating: Detailed Hair Texture from Scratch [Beginner - Intermediate Level] by Kayli
IMVU Creating/Texturing: Creating Black Hair from an Existing Hair Color by Kayli
IMVU Hair Texture Tutorial by Reddivar
Hair Texture Tutorial by Cindyy
Hair Texture Tutorial using a Graphics Tablet by Cindyy
How to make IMVU hair by Naima
( x ) Hair texture tutorial for IMVU by Juliansito
IMVU Gimp Hair Tutorial - Developing by ChillShock
IMVU Hair tutorial for Photoshop CS6 by Tsui
Make multiple IMVU hair textures using 1 simple step by Tsui

Skins and make up:
IMVU Tutorial: Freckles by Cindyy
IMVU Abs Tutorial By Skins|Pro
IMVU Gothic Skin Tutorial - Beginners by Tsui

( x ) IMVU eye texturing by Juliansito

Larger collections:
Various tutorials by Babbit (skins, furry skins, clothing, eyes, hair)

Re: Texture YouTube Tutorial Directory

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:16 am
by ChocolateCookie