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Creating Challenges?

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:54 am
by Extinction
In a group I'm apart of, this person made these "creating challenges" for the members.

Esentially, the concept was they found a mesh in the catalogue for the members to derive from.

The point of it was varying, sometimes to promote sometihng neat, to boost more derives on it, to challenge others who don't typically make things related to it.
It was open and welcome for anyone to join, and pretty loosely based.
They would even pay for derivation fees so really you had no reason not to!

I wouldn't mind seeing something like that here, and not something that is hosted by one single person, but by everyone!
They could be biweekly, I think that would be reasonable. ^.^

It could be seen as a contest as well, but I think it would be fun to get people active with oe another and might even help some get out their creative funks.

Re: Creating Challenges?

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:24 am
by Keef
Would love to see this. It would be a great way for meshers to promote new or undescoverd meshes.

We do have one of the very popular creator contests coming back next month that we will be sponsoring. 8-)

I also have an idea for a fun pose maker/avatar artist contest but am waiting until we have more activity in that area before I launch it.

Re: Creating Challenges?

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:36 pm
by Twiddybird
Ooh this sounds like fun, I am always struggling to find new meshes or even something just ...different, would open peoples eyes to what else is out there, will keep my eyes peeled for this to happen :D