VIP Memberships - It's all in how you pay?

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VIP Memberships - It's all in how you pay?

Post by Notorious Chicka » Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:39 am

I am finding out some information about the VIP Program that I wish I hadn't.

It seems the more I dig and discuss this with staff and user base I find out how twisted and convoluted the program is.

I swear they like to confuse us so we STOP talking about some things.

IF anyone knows anything different than what I am being told, please chime in. I am not sure why I feel the need to dissect this and understand it. The reason for some of it is beginning to make sense. Some of it.

How you pay for it matters:

If you pay for your VIP Subscription with credit card or PayPal;
1 - You will pay $75 Annually
2 - You will pay $25 Quarterly
3 - You will pay $10 Monthly
So obviously - an annual subscription saves you money.

When it's time to renew, you do have a grace period. I don't know how long it is for - but IMVU will send you messages to attempt to get you to renew. It is common practice. They do this on purpose. I know of one user who is on day 10 of this grace period.

If you need VIP to create, I do not know how long you will have a grace period. They may have control over that to make it more urgent for those users to renew.

If you pay for your VIP Subscription with a Gift Card;
1 - You might be able to pay $50 Annually - this issue is what got me tangled in the "why".
2 - You will be able to pay $50 for 8 months - using a gift card costs more...because IMVU isn't making any money with the gift card program apparently.

I do not have data on a grace period. I don't let mine lapse because I felt I would lose my 10 rooms I have public. I don't care about their incentive of 2400 extra credits because I am a long time "loyal" VIP. The rooms are why I have VIP. Instant Live Help - never was "help" and with the new system it is just stupid.

After IMVU did not adjust my renewal with the $50 card at their offered discount - I reached out to them. In what I have discovered - I will never buy a gift card again and I don't think any of us should. That is a side point - but my advice to IMVU would be to not offer gift cards through their current service provider. It isn't good business.

I had asked why not offer renewals at $50 a month straight across the board. Personally, I think more people would renew at that price versus how many drop off when they see that creating isn't the big cash cow they imagined.

The reply I received:

"Given you've reached maximal VIP Credit retention bonus levels, at $50 / year, given the 5% catalog discount, and our current Royalty payment rate, we are paying out to Creators a vast, vast majority of the revenue from the $50. Specifically, we are left, after paying the retailer (Target, Albertson's, Huck's, Kroger's etc) less than $1/month.
So the $50/year is more geared to supporting Content Creators than actually making money; we can not provision a VIP service for <$1/month.

Which of these would you then change?
a) $50 standing renewals (your proposal)
b) escalating VIP Credits/month
c) 5% catalog discount
d) Content Creator payout levels

One or more can not co-exist with the others."

The item I think that red--flagged me was and our current Royalty payment rate, we are paying out to Creators a vast, vast majority of the revenue from the $50

Do any of you read this way I do?

And the fact that "D" was something to change? Obviously I answered back to not effect Creators and their pay by enacting my idea of a $50 renewal. I suggested they do away with "B".

Initially VIP was NOT a pay-to-create platform. Those credits were an initiative to become VIP.

For me, since I am grandfathered in as a creator, I am thinking I will watch for chat room slots to go on sale and buy 10. It's better than paying rent I guess ;)

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Re: VIP Memberships - It's all in how you pay?

Post by GuySBot » Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:02 am

I realize your rooms are very dear to you but do they get used that much , o k that sounds unsympathetic but you know I love your rooms too . - or couldn't you just use secondary accounts to keep those same rooms always public ? I've got a few ( 3 iirc maybe more ) but unfortunately its only letting me access one , the accounts are there ( homepages ) but it tells me they don't exist when I use the email set up with em . All grandfathered , anyway off topic . . . You're welcome to use the one I do have if needed . Which I realize would be a pain in the butt to re-design these rooms if elaborate and the name brand recognition within such etc . Also sorry I know you've probably thought of every thing I suggested - captain obvious - here I am again .

IMVU totally d , D , D , d as usual , ifso the store sold cards and small profit of a dollar a month is true which I don't buy for a second then you'd think they would offer virtual cards at ANY denomination . This would eliminate the middle man , cost of production , shipping and so on .

Then like you said there the 50 across the board its always funny to me that any talk of dropping a price brings up users and staff to scream wolf and the sky is falling , bankruptcy and so on bs . When it should be obvious to anyone as a user it would be more enticing therefore a small decrease in price - exponentially will increase profits due to sales numbers going up . Most any sale marketed properly works otherwise you wouldn't always see sales and the benefits that go along with such .
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