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▪ C A U L D R O N ▪ Premade Art Store - OPEN [0]

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:03 am
by Mausoleum

Hello and welcome to my premade store.
All premades will be in either credits or PayPal. I really do not mind which you pay in.
Please read the rules before posting.

The Rules:
- Please respect everyone in the store - don't bring drama.
- Please have the correct amount of money/credits before purchasing.
- I will ONLY hold for 24 hours. If you do not pick up/pay within that time I will post the premade back up.
- DO NOT copy/duplicate any of the premades please.
- Changes can be made, please ask.
- Feel free to give me ideas for new premades.
- Please use the form provided below.
- Send all credits to Mausoleum@IMVU. Will provide PayPal details when asked.
- I DO give out textless on request.

Sold Premades:
These pieces have been sold.
Newest - old

Animation is free.
I can do blinking, winking, blood dripping and mouth (blowing kiss/pouting).

The Form:
- Premade Name:
- Text:
- Price:
- Extra:
- Changes? :

The Premades:


WIPs(Work In Progress):

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