Product Request Forum Rules

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Product Request Forum Rules

Post by admin » Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:29 pm

  • Threads

    Your Thread Title should include what type of product is wanted. Clothing, Hair, Room, Furniture, Pose, Particle, Etc. so Creators can quickly skim the forum and find requests in their area of expertise.


    Good: I need a new club room
    Bad: I have a great idea!

    Be as descriptive as you can in your post as to what you want, illustrative doodles, images and links to inspirations really help.
  • Restrictions

    The product created must be for a new product that will be uploaded to the Creator's Catalog. Independent asset sales are not permitted.

    Do not request anyone to make a Copy of something that already exists in the catalog.

    Do no request anyone to make Copyrighted or Trademarked content.

    You can not ask for only a specific creator to make something. If you want a specific creator, you should message them privately instead.

    No 'calling' of projects, if two or more want to take it on well then we will just have more options!

    Likewise all ideas shared are shared knowing that anyone may come along make the idea. Do not post your idea here if you want it to be exclusive. All eyes will be on it, all eyes may want to make it.
  • Payments

    Please take care of all negotiations privately.

    All creators work differently...

    -some will make request for free
    -some will need fees reimbursed
    -some will need paid for their skill and time

    Be sure to be clear on payment expectations before agreeing to do any request work.
  • All transactions are at your own risk. We will not arbitrate or discipline for any payment deal gone wrong.
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