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Looking for a mesh to be made

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:52 pm
by IIIRavenzIII
Hello, we all know we are being over run by these lil kid avis , ya either love em or hate em well i love em lol. my daughter came to me today asking for an item to be made 40% ... d=18265164 for her and her friend. it is a disabled mesh, so was wondering if there are any mesher's who would like to take this on for a 40% scaled avi. collecting sea shells on the beach we dont need the heart or the pose just 2 kid avis or even possibly 1 kid 1 adult collecting sea shells, some thing for you to ponder, oh yes the other thing she asked for was a sand castle she could build. so please contact me if you are interested. thank you. Ravenz