Need help on what food would help

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Need help on what food would help

Post by WickedAngel » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:46 pm

Ok basic gist of this is that

1: I'm coeliac
2: had cancer
3: have low blood pressure (the nurses always freak out it great)
4: have low 'sodium' levels
5: suffer camps in legs, back, shoulders and what not..have for close on 30 years....been exasabated by cancer treatment that added bone cramps to the list..

what I need to find out is some foods that may help reduce the lack of sodium levels and relieve some of the cramping...the coeliac is pretty much under control or I control it when I need to....cancer is pretty much under control also....just over the cramping especially during humid stupid weather...


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Re: Need help on what food would help

Post by GuySBot » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:22 pm

Probably not much I can tell ya that you've not already researched yourself and it depends what you like .
Avoid processed foods , fast food and so on . Eat the rainbow and if you can get organics , I always feel
the best when I just eat colorful vegetable or fruit salads . The other day I made a fruit plate with blueberries ,
strawberry , kiwi , grapes an orange with a banana on the side . So red , greens , blue and yellow .
Salad similar light on the dressings . Anyways it was delicious and again I felt energetic and healthy .
Then the same for vegetable salads but it depends on what you like for taste . Lettuce and mixed greens ,
peppers , onions , mushrooms , olives , carrots , avacados .

For sodium not sure what to tell ya just measure your daily intake and try to get 110%'s worth .

For cancer I've read a lot that says a highly acidic body cancer thrives and to avoid sugar .
Low acidity and cancer doesn't thrive - again avoid sugar feeds cancers . Something I'd suggest
to research into .

For cramps it may not work for everyone and again depends what you like but bananas are great for that
and definitely work for me as its my go to food not only when I get them but especially to pre-emptive strike
so they wont come . Again go organic if you can , the taste of organics should be noticeable compared to non-organic .
I try to eat at least one every day .

Avoid GMO's ( genetically modified foods ) . A lot of chips or crisps are gmo especially corn .

Watch this set of videos he gives some good tips on recovery from the affects of cancer treatments that may help ya .
Part 1 of I think 4 but some parts maybe missing , i'm searching now . .
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Re: Need help on what food would help

Post by NickalisciousNick » Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:32 am

When I played team hockey, my legs would cramp after a game or up in the middle of the night. My coach and family doctor explained that our muscles deplete water and essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. They recommended that we stay hydrated and eat foods rich in calcium. We would eat a lot of sunflower seeds and yogurt, but it still wasn't enough. Also, some on the team could not tolerate dairy, so we tried 500 mg calcium supplements instead. To deliver the calcium to the muscles in a more efficient way, they also contained magnesium and vitamin D.

I would take 1000 mg before a game and 1000 after a game. If I was very active that day, I would take 1500 at night. After taking the supplements, I rarely suffered muscle cramps. If I feel some cramps coming on, I take two supplements and feel better in less than 30 minutes.

Since you suffer from coeliac, I read that you don't absorb nutrients well. You might want to talk to your doctor first, to see what you can tolerate. If you can take them, only use them when needed. I also read that long term and high dosage calcium use can cause problems to your arteries and kidneys. Since my kidneys took a hard beating, my hockey playing days are over. I now only take them after a swim or strenuous work.

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Re: Need help on what food would help

Post by ChocolateCookie » Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:04 pm

Honestly, I would go for supplements as well like the poster above me suggested. Talk to your doctor about it and see what he can recommend.

I take vitamin and mineral supplements all the time. I just don't get enough of them otherwise, especially iron due to a very active hobby of mine. It's not awfully expensive, simple and I do not have to constantly worry about getting enough of something while being able to eat pretty much anything I like while being in great health, Just got to make sure that I get enough protein as well but that is pretty much it.

Taking supplements also helps with food cravings since those are often caused by the lack of a certain mineral or vitamin in your body.

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