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guysbot bars

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:05 am
by GuySBot
This is kinda a portable smores made into a candy bar

You can make them in the oven or using any flame to roast your staypuffed marshmallow mans but I find a wood campfire adds to the flavor .

Guysbot bars .

Ingredients -

1 box of graham crackers - preferably not honey or cinnamon just plain ones .
( honeymaid makes good ones and some are honey flavored but some aren't so read the label )
1 bag of marshmallows staypuffed for you GhostBuster fans .
1 regular size bar of Hershey regular chocolate .
1 regular size bar of Hershey's special dark chocolate .
A pat of butter to temper your chocolate with .
A lil bit of olive or vegetable oil so the marshmallows don't stick to your hands in the making process .

Utensils -

Baking pan or something to crush your graham crackers in for easy mallow rolling .
A double boiler - one pot that fits in another to melt your chocolate in without burning it .
A stick to roast your marshmallows and some wood for a fire
1 match to light fire with .
1 large plate and place it either in the freezer or fridge so its nice and cold will help .
A fork or something to dip your marshmallows in the melted chocolate with .

Process -

Step zero - oil your plate with olive/vegetable oil , butter or any grease with a thin coating to prevent sticking .
Then place it in the fridge or freezer and give it 10-15 minutes to get cold .
Step one - crush a good amount of graham crackers into a baking pan or whatever works for you .
Step two - build a lil camp fire .
Step three - oil your hands with vegetable/olive oil or any grease is fine maybe even ( cooked ) bacon grease for some flavor .
Step four - remove your cold plate from fried/freezer - roast one marshmallow at a time and toss it in the graham crackers then smoosh and roll them til the mallow is embedded with graham .
Then place each onto your chilled plate . WARNING don't burn your hands on the hot marshmallows ( HOT SUGAR BURNS BAD )
Step five - Once you roast to your desired color all the marshmallows and embed in graham crackers place the plate of them in the freezer .
Step six - In a double boiler on a very low temp melt the hersheys bars ( regular and dark ) with the pat of butter .
Step seven - remove cooled mallows and plate from freezer and dip each in the melted chocolate so they are just well coated but not too thick so let some drip off or if you like a lot of chocolate that doesn't matter . Then return each to the cold plate so they set and place them back in the fridge or freezer . Takes only a few minutes for them to set .

I usually keep them in the fridge and they don't last long as even those who aren't interested in such sweets once you have one will want another and another . Enjoy !

For those who don't want to make a fire or cant . . Get a large glass baking dish . Place your crushed grahams in the bottom ,
Set your oven to broil - carefully broil the mallows on one side and keep an eye on them as they will brown very fast .
Flip them over with a spatula - brown the other side/s . CAREFULLY ( again don't burn your hands on hot sugar will hurt bad )
toss the marshmallows in the grahams to embed them then follow the other instructions . If you end up with one big gloppy mess
once you freeze them will easily be able to cut into marshmallow ball or bar shaped sizes . This method is more time consuming and
very frustrating if all the marshmallows stick together .. so . . Just use like a lighter or something to ignite each marshmallow and roll
in grahams one at a time . But plz don't use some scented or any wax candle . . ( yuck ) .

Sugar isn't very good for you and these are PURE sugar so try to limit . . all sugars for the most part except natural ones are fine .