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Virgin Performing Arts

Post by GuySBot » Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:19 pm

My main room is an arcade - game room . Often when I get on I will search out new arcade games and rooms themed to such title or
listed as with games - arcade/s . During these journeys of visiting arcade game rooms I will often meet new people share interests and so on .
On one of these journeys I met someone who showed me about a year back the virgin performing artists . See site linked above for more
detail than I can provide as I've only experienced a bakers dozen or so performance shows during this time .

Basically they put on the elaborate routines to music and while that may sound same old song and dance it is very well done to say the least .
I'd highly recommend checking out a show if you get a chance and you're looking for something to do at a showtime . If you search rooms for
virgin perhaps with performing arts you'll see many theaters set up . You can find the showtimes and set lists at the link above . I also believe
you can see some of the videos of the acts on youtube but I'm not sure how good they are without being there in a live audience adds some
ambience . They do ap and non ap shows but having a large audience at times and with the auto run dances with elaborate stage set ups can
be a lot of load time for those will slower pc or connections . So be warned there !

I've tried to tell a number of performers to join here and shout out about themselves but as some of you know giving people even who
trust you links on imvu has become an evil in itself adding being set in ways or not into forums , time to join , interact etc etc .
Anyways hopefully someone from virgin will join in pixel pushers if they haven't already and elaborate on this short virgin performing arts intro .
They have an interesting history and alike pixel pushers are about learning and education as much as " play time " .
Muah X Meow ^,.^~! TTFN

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