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IMVU staff did good - stories . .

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 4:53 pm
by GuySBot
Perhaps we can share stories of how IMVU staff actually did good by us instead of the usual where we writ how much they suck :P

Over at Extinctions gift the person above you topic I realized not many people gift music so decided to start an IMVU musical chairs topic for the purpose of gifting songs . Anyway Extinction replied in my musical chairs topic not in a way wanting a song but since I got a reply I figured I'd send 'em a song . So I goto Extinctions homepage - click send message and scope out the wishlist in particular music . Find a song to gift , add my message and I click send . . . Nothing happens , I wait about 10-15 seconds . . still nothing . So like the impatient idiot I am I click send a second time . . again nothing happens . Then I realize I probably sent the same song twice ( which shouldn't even be possible to do in the first place ) . I waited like a day or few and decided to check my credit history in account settings , sure enough I gifted the same song twice . Which I'm pretty sure Extinction didn't get the song twice and only got it once ? Anyways . . I filled out a help ticket ( my first EVER in a few more than 10 years of being there ) and surprisingly
they refunded my credits within less than 12 hours . Now seeing the meter of the help ticket I thought it would take a week or so but I was amazed to even get a refund let alone how fast it worked . That's my IMVU staff did good story for this day :geek: and they all lived happily ever after -

the end

PS - Extinction if you read this some time did you get the song twice ? Also just to be sure they didn't take the song away from your inventory ?

Re: IMVU staff did good - stories . .

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:24 pm
by Extinction
I did get the song twice, and I still have the song. I'm glad you got your refund ont he credits! (I don't think IMVU sent me reply message to you.)

Re: IMVU staff did good - stories . .

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:02 pm
by GuySBot
No I didn't get any reply messages after sending that song , I check the client inbox almost every day and next messages every day .
By the way I keep forgetting to mention , I wonder if it is something with your page add ons , music or whatsoever that maybe making your
messages sent to you not send ( or send but kinda lock up the screen and not send ) . Perhaps something to test with various browsers , I
was using IE at the time of the glitch .

Re: IMVU staff did good - stories . .

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:17 pm
by MandaMarie
Awesome topic idea. I think this is a great idea.

I do have to say that Byronbien, IMVU Customer Support done an awesome job. So much that I even had to start a post calling him out on it over here... ... 00VCOfzCAH

I was having an issue with items of mine being flagged just randomly all of a sudden. Even though everything was by IMVU's rules of what is GA and AP when it comes to pictures, my words were different. After making up a ticket about a profile image of mine that was in fact within IMVU guidelines, I kept getting blanket responses from some random CS agent. (Sorry, I won't name this CS agent.) He never offered any true and real information to me, and even quoted me the wrong IMVU guidelines. All in all, he only created confusion in the matter. I had to open the second ticket to try and get some help, with the help I was receiving.

I wrote a ticket meant to go all the way to the CEO of IMVU. I didn't get the CEO, but instead got Byronbien. Right away I could tell, I was talking to Byronbien himself, and not a copy/paste spreadsheet. Took only his first reply to tell me that. He took the time and answered all of my questions. He spoke to me like two people who were friends would speak with each other. Me not being a VIP I usually have to wait a while before I get replies to my tickets. I used to have VIP though, and this ticket with Byronbien was brought to a close faster than my quickest VIP ticket.

What did Byronbien say then that made this ticket, a super ticket? Well, I won't quote the ticket directly, we still are not allowed to do that in IMVU. But what he did was, suggest to me that how I see something, may not be how the rest of IMVU see's it. The end result was, I knew exactly what it was I needed to change, to read GA. (Those of you who have had to deal with figuring out things left in a gray area, will know why it is this was such a great thing to get from a ticket in IMVU.) After this ticket was closed, I still to this day haven't received another flag report against me. *knocks on wood* ;p

Re: IMVU staff did good - stories . .

Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:58 pm
by GuySBot
Even though I didn't win the grand or one of the main prizes . .


I kept suggesting that everyone who enters these things should win something ,
if only to encourage users to enter more often . So it's nice they may have listened .