free spins ,surveys , free credits & predits

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free spins ,surveys , free credits & predits

Post by GuySBot » Sun Mar 26, 2017 5:02 am

- Free spin -

this is the original but kinda re-done from the real original free spin game where you earn real credits -

You can spin three times every day but its about 23ish hours between spins wait for each day .
( it really should be once every 12 hours and I'm hopeful they change it to that )
Usually you'll only win 3 credits but can also win either 7 or 20 .
A tip there is to watch where the 3 is and after the shuffle select that one as for me
anyway that seems to give out either 7 or 20 . Whereas if you go for the 7 or 20 it usually
always gives only the 3 credits . If anyone else has a tip to earn the 20 more often do tell .

Now after a certain number of days doin' free spin there is a meter at the bottom that will fill
up and once it is full instead of it saying click here to spin again changes to click here for a mega
spin . In which you can earn up to 10,000 but usually only win the other two prizes of 30 or 100 credits
To note there its kinda a bonus spin on top of the normal 3 you get that particular day .

( if anyone has screen grabs of winning the 10,000 credits I'd appreciate a link to that graphic )

( if anyone has graphics or screen shots from the old free spin game I'd appreciate a link to 'em ) .

PS - I believe my record time for the drag the picture of the girl to the center then the next drag
n drop is about 1.4 seconds , perhaps a little bragging rights if anyone wants to screen grab their
time and post in this topic maybe a fun competition .

- NEXT Free Spin -

When you click on the NEXT tab up on top of most all IMVU pages it takes you to the photos feed page .

There will pop up the NEXT Free Spin game where you can win predits ( promo-credits ) emojis or
clothing items . It has a lot of issues and give me time to edit this topic i'll provide the links to our
forum discussion of such - ADD LINK HERE !

- Surveys -

I did a survey once or thrice , usually ( for me ) they don't pay off so they are on my never do that again list .
Basically they put me in this eternal loop where it never ends and keeps giving me new surveys in some claim that
I didn't fit in right or some non-sense . and believe me if I sound dumb there I will go out of my way to lie and answer
within the frame of questions to fit in purrrfectly ^,.^~!!

Now I'm 100 % sure I read an official IMVU note saying if you don't get paid by a survey you can file a help ticker
or something along those lines to get paid . . All though of the many times this one time I noted that in a reply
to someone at the old forum and a moderator claimed that wasn't true there was nothing IMVU could do because
it wasn't anything to do with IMVU and you had to contact the survey company ( this made absolutely no sense to
me because it is indeed through IMVU you get the credits ) .

- Videos -

For awhile there was links in the various IMVU ads saying watch videos earn credits which worked for awhile
but as of the last few months anytime I goto one of those it sends me to the surveys page . and not the " better "
surveys where you earn a decent amount of credits but the ones where you earn like 15-30 or a few hundred for
wasting half an hour of your life . If anyone has more details on how to get to the video ads to earn please add in .

That's about all I can think of to earn free credits and what I have to say for now but I may edit this post a few times
so for those interested may want to come back another day and re-read it for editorial additions .
Muah X Meow ^,.^~! TTFN

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