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Free Derives Forum Guidelines

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:42 pm
by admin
  • Meshers

    First off let me thank you for wanting to help out by offering reimbursements for derives!
    If you want to take part please make a thread and manage it how you wish.

    It's totally up to you what terms you want to place on your refunds.

    You may want to limit it to just creators who are starting out with small catalogs.

    You may just want to do it as a promotion for new mesh releases for a limited time.

    You may want to limit each Pixel to only a limited number of refunds.

    It's your money so you get to decide.
  • Derivers

    Derive at your own risk. Just because someone says they will refund doesn't meant they will follow trough so be cautious. Don't go crazy deriving until you better know the mesher's reliability.

    Be aware that the Mesh Maker is only paid the deriving fee proton of your submission fees, they do not get the submission fee portion.

    Also be aware they do not get those fees until 14 days AFTER you submit your derive so if they are a new mesher they may not have the cash on hand to offer instant reimbursements.

    Remember that life happens, don't pester. Sometimes it may take a while for folks to catch up on reimbursements.

    Be thankful. Mehers don't have to do this. Give the ones that do some extra love, and when you can afford it, extra derives!