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Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:07 pm
by admin
  • About Blender

    Blender is a Free Open Source 3D Meshing program.
    (But they do need Donations to keep the project going so if you can help them out please do!)

    Blender is not supported by IMVU but has a dedicated Creator User Base who have helped make it functional for IMVU use.

    Blender can be downloaded from their website


Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:08 pm
by admin
  • Blender Tutorials

    Coming Soon!


Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:13 am
by 1SweeTDreamS1
One must use more steps with the new Blender and IMVU software than before. Therefore, it's no long possible to create a short tutorial with just a few steps. The most basic beginners tutorial can be found here: DO THIS TUTORIAL AFTER DOWNLOADS

It is 4 pages. However, most of the space is taken up by detailed pics so it's not as bad as it may appear.



Blender Download

Mac Users Watch This:
Mac Users

Check to see if exporter imported by choosing "File" (top left corner). Then hover over "Export". Look for "IMVU Cal 3D export". If not there then do the following:

How to install exporter into Blender
After you have downloaded the zip file with this script start Blender.
Go to menu File (top left corner), User Preferences.
Choose "Add-ons" tab.
Click the "Install from File..." button located at the bottom.
Browse to the location of the zip file, choose file and click the "Install from File..." button.
Note: you don't have to unzip it first yourself.
Next click the checkbox for the "Import-Export: IMVU Cal3d export" addon to enable it. You will need to scroll down to find it.
Finally click "Save User Settings".

Decided to transfer my Blender Resources topic here

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:01 am
by DimitriX89
Update from 14.02.14The accessory positioning helper file (choose the armature corresponding to your IMVU attachment point and use it as a root for your accessory skeleton): ... 1.01.blend

Update from 16.02.2014: Made an early version of female head export file: ... _0.8.blend

Update from 1.03.2014: Early version of male avatar master file: ... r0.8.blend Also check the video tutorial on weighting from Maticb:
Important notice: do not use skeletons from earlier files (accessory helper and heads) to weight and export clothes. They contained a bug which is eliminated in this file

Update from 5.04.2014 Because of public interest, uploaded the female avatar dummy as well: ... _0.8.blend All procedures are same as for male file, clothing weighting and exporting should work 100%, the head uses somewhat crappy topology, but still usable.

Update from 27.09.2014 Added an experimental "exporter" to create *.json particle systems based on mesh ... cene.blend
Principle explained in the thread

Update from 02.10.14 Updated version of face to particle script is available: ... ene3.blend

Update from 03.10.14 Fixed a serious bug: ... ene4.blend

Update from 18.12.14 Recorded a video about creating a sipmple accessory, based on accessory helper: ... AielW-RpdQ

Update from 07.01.15 The female master file update: added ability to export poses, plus more bug fixes: ...

Update from 10.01.15Similar updates for male avatar: ...

Update from 14.01.15The female avatar was missing a shape key, fixed it now: ...

Update from 25.05.15Recorded a 3-part video about the room making in Blender. Mostly focused on mapping and node creation, the modeling is skipped since it is pretty basic.
Materials and unwrap:
Import and final touch-ups:

Update from 19.09.15Video about pose making in Blender:

Update from 20.03.17The dev file for my expanded avatar skeleton project: ... Contact me if you need more details