Pixel Pusher IMVU character and home page

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Pixel Pusher IMVU character and home page

Post by GuySBot » Wed May 24, 2017 4:13 am

I'm guessing there maybe already a Pixel Pusher home page at IMVU . . .
or perhaps the name is in holdings of one of the users ? > http://avatars.imvu.com/Pixelpusher


As you see that page isn't set up if so it is under our control . Possibly we can purchase it if it isn't in use .
I'd suggest setting it up with some basic tutorials and well described links to here and there .
Also if that character had its very own line of clothing , skins and so on it may help to promote the name
and therein this forum itself . Of course if that name isn't under your/our holdings another could be created
in a similar name to do the same . To add it wouldn't be a bad idea to set up a bot and design - host a room
that is open as often as possible and/or allow trusted users to play that character so to speak to also promote
the forum . Not only within said Pixel Pusher room but to search creator rooms and travel around to spread the
word .

PS - this could be another idea or few for the forum/contests and/or design topics to not only create clothing ,
rooms and everything for ones own catalog with Pixel Pusher logos but perhaps even donate to a Pixel Pusher account
and then be used to do IMVU community give aways , shout outs and so on to further promotion
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Re: Pixel Pusher IMVU character and home page

Post by gaf210 » Wed May 24, 2017 3:01 pm


Good idea!!

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