A forum for Pixel Pusher exclusive files

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A forum for Pixel Pusher exclusive files

Post by Elaini » Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:46 am

I was wondering of any of the Pixel Pusher forums were set as "allow to view only when logged in"?

I thought that it would be perfect if the one particular forum was about sharing developer files that are meant to be dedicated exclusively to Pixel Pusher community. I ended up with the idea when I thought this subject for a while (sorry to redirect you to the new "forums")...
IMVU rules on file sales wrote:Please expect these policies to be enforced. Anyone engaging in file sales and using IMVU’s catalog based economy to earn Credits or Cash for such sales is putting their account at risk. Note that this restriction refers only to your actions on IMVU; it does not apply to independently operated sites or services like Squidoo.
This confuses me a little: doesn't apply how exactly?

Some say this... while the rules forbid sharing files in the IMVU discussion boards, apparently the groups might be OK and these boards are a kind of a group, right? I could use the opportunity to share my original open source mesh files in here while I use them as a carrot on my product pages for people to get interested in Pixel Pusher.

I could use a link such as "Original open source mesh for this head type only available in Pixel Pusher community," and then the link would point to my thread in the forum which is login protected.

I would gladly do it if this idea catches wind...

Of course, the second option would be making a personal thread for own products, but saying there that the mesh files can only be accessed through the private messages to me on Pixel Pusher.

But what should I do?

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