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Tutorial: Initial animation plays once, second keeps looping

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:49 pm
by Elaini
This is how to make the initial animation to play once, but when the second animation comes in it loops endlessly and the first animation won't come back unless the sequence is triggered again, either by trigger word or a pose spot.

How to make it work:

1) No multiple ensembles are needed, because those work based on the random (though modifiable) chances so it's not necessarily what you may need to create this effect. Instead, create a single animation which has both of the animations. Or two if you need one for skeleton and one for morphs.

2) Take a look at your single action/ensemble, and find the "Frame Controls".

3) Set the controls like this:

# Loops: 0 (endless loop)
Loop start: The frame where you want the second animation's (merged in same animation file) loop to begin. Call it "Frame A".
End: Set the last frame of the looping animation. Call it "Frame B".

4) As a result, the initial animation will be played from the start a.k.a. frame 0 once, but when animation reaches frame A it will keep looping from frame A to frame B.