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Help and Tips on how IMVU's Create Mode Works
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Debug menu...

Post by MandaMarie » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:45 am

Okay, so I have been looking for debug commands that are useful for more uncommon things to do to already existing products. What I am looking for is, a way to move a mesh, let's use for an example, a head sign. I want to be able to move it upwards away from the head. I do know everything required to scale sizes of items but the movement I have been looking for now, for months. Anyone have any ideas?

Also for those who are interested in scaling, here is a post I found in the forum from a user named GM. His account was retired, so I figure its safe to repost his explanation of scaling here.
Go to Debug and then Debug 2

add some Data under the Mesh ID
like Asset , Index

add some Keys under the Mesh ID
like ModelModifier, ModelMeshScaleRec

add some Data under the ModelMeshScaleRec Key an put their values
ApplyToAttachments (o=off , 1=on)
NodeName (put the bone name u want to scale)
On (1=yes , 0=no)
ScaleAbsoluteX (put here value how much u want ur bone to scale in XAxis)
ScaleAbsoluteY (put here value how much u want ur bone to scale in YAxis)
ScaleAbsoluteZ (put here value how much u want ur bone to scale in ZAxis)

Please Note that when u scale up or down any bone the parent bones also get effected. so u have to scale some parent bones too to make scale the body part in right proportion, play with different nodes and different sizes, u will get the idea
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Re: Debug menu...

Post by Roy » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:35 pm

When you scale things, you are really scaling the "bone" of the imvu skeleton. If the head-sign is attached to the "head" bone scaling the head bone up would make the head bigger too. There is no way to really move meshes in Create mode.

You can attach some accessories to different bones, but items move only with the bone they are assigned to (with accessories) or the vertex groups assigned outside of Create mode.

(there are so many hats I wanted to shift so it would not clip my hair D:)

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